Participation is open to people of all ages and to schools. The photographic images must be sent to: okayredazione@gmail.com  by October 31, 2022. They will be selected for a major online exhibition. “The Roses Theme” by Jeanie Barton performed by Students Choir of the Comprehensive Institute “Cassano – De Renzio”, in Bitonto, Bari, Italy.


“What does a rose mean to you?”. After the great success of the “Year of Roses 2021”, the popular initiative of OKAY! and ACT Group is back! From now on it will be called “The Roses of the Year” and is destined to develop and evolve as a permanent activity, inviting people of all ages to express their creativity and their love for the beauty of nature, especially for the rose, the “queen of flowers”.

The initiative is open to everyone: individuals, groups, associations and schools. What must be done to participate in “The Roses of the Year 2022”? Simple, you need to take pictures of everything that tells the world and the varieties of a rose, seen and photographed in all its aspects, shapes and colors. You can participate by photographing roses and gardens, or drawings, paintings, mosaics, frescoes and different types of crafts, all dedicated exclusively to her, to the queen of flowers. The images received will find their place online in a creativity gallery. A final public event is not excluded.

Here are the detailed points of the regulation to take part in “The Roses of the Year 2022”


• The photographic images must necessarily concern themes, subjects, elements and realities about the rose and roses, documented in the most various situations and conditions: gardens, interiors, furnishings, decorations, decorations, set-ups for events and celebrations.

• Photographic images can also relate to how artistic creativity tells the world of the rose through paintings (and other expressions and media) made with different techniques, methods, styles and forms, according to everyone’s creativity.

• Participation is aimed at people of all ages. Classes and schools can participate in full freedom, with drawings and photographs, even individually, or with their own school class.

• The images can be accompanied by a brief description of the subject (optional).


• The images sent to the initiative must be in a light format – jpg or png – not exceeding 2/3 MB, to facilitate the uploading process on the websites that will host the photo galleries.

• The images sent to the initiative must be a maximum of 3 for each participant, both in the case of a single person and in the case of a school class, group, association.

• All photographic material must be sent no later than 31 October 2022 to the following email address: okayredazione@gmail.com

• In the sending, in addition to the brief optional explanatory text, the personal data of each participant must be indicated: name, surname or name of school or group, city of residence, country.

• The images will be selected and will find their place in the online gallery “The Roses of the Year”: an online exhibition on the OKAY! Website. and shared on social media and by ACT Group.

• The soundtrack of the initiative also presents this year the evocative composition by Jeanie Barton, “Roses Theme”. But with big news. The performance sees the participation of the choir made up of pupils from the Comprehensive Institute “Cassano-De Renzio” in Bitonto, Bari (Apulia, Italy): the school manager is Prof. Saverio Pansini; deputy manager is Anna Maria Cutrone. The musical project involved several didactic disciplines and was coordinated by teachers prof. Lucrezia Napoli (choir direction), prof. Antonio Mancazzo (piano), prof. Emanuele Zotti (flute), prof. Michele Sanseverino (saxophone), prof. Giuseppe Maiorano (tenor); soloist: Agata Santopietro; violinists: the students Luisa Clemente and Sonia Luiso.

• This experience will also favour moments of creative sharing, to launch a message and a thought of serenity, projected into the future, in the wake of the words of the writer Anne Brontë:” But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose”.

Regulations, information and updates on:

https://okayscuola.org/  https://www.artculturetourism.co.uk/


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